Spoken Arabic with Sakir myna, better your job and profile.

A new language learning is a tough task for many people. We are here to trouble shoot the people difficulties how to learn and speak Arabic language like a native speaker. The concept based learning helps people understand the language faster and that brings faster result. Sakir who worked as a teacher of Arabic language at Birla public school for 13 years established the Center in order to teach people Arabic language.


Sakir myna with principal of Birla Public School Doha Qatar.

Concept based Language learning brings instant results

Course levels of Spoken Arabic

There are three levels of course at Sakir myna. The level one beginner. The level two intermediate and the level three advanced. Each level has eighteen hours classes as a duration of two and half months. You can opt any two days class of one hour for a week. We have week end Friday Saturday classes in convenience for the employees. Offline and online modes available.