Sakir myna receiving memento from Dr. Mohan Thomas, president of Indian sports council .

The Curriculum for Advanced
Level and Result

The use of future tense and its negative. The commanding verbs. The use of “have” before past tense verb. Conjugation of any verbs on past, present and future tense. Building more vocabularies includes new job related nouns and verbs in order to construct our own required sentences. Listening of more audios to develop understanding skills. Construction and speaking of any type of sentences. Practice of colloquial side of the part of speech.

The curriculum for beginner level and outcome

28 letters with the native sound. Short and long vowels. Connecting letters into words and its reading. Demonstrative pronoun, pronoun attached and detached. Definite article, prepositions, Question forms, prepositional phrases as “of”, the use of “has” and “have” (nominal cases) and construction of sentences using by above said part of speech. In addition of these short audio listening, writing and typing of sentences will be practiced in every class. At the end of the course you will be able to construct and speak nominal sentences. Usage of colloquial side of the language will be practiced.

Never shy, never think grammatical error but try to start speaking what you know on the language.
The students involving on Arabic language learning process effective and energetic in the class.

The curriculum for
intermediate level and result

The Prepositions plus attaching pronouns. Verbs past and present, negative for past and present tenses. The use of “I have to”. Audio listening to improve understanding skills. Practice conversation skills. Practice usage of colloquial side of above said parts of languages. At the end of this course you will be able to speak nominal and verbal sentences.

The learning plan for kids and primary class students.

Focus the 28 letters proper sound with the correct pronunciation, the running shapes of all the letters, the letters with short and long vowels. The child will be able to read any word with short and long vowels after this . The next step the child will be reading any words without short vowels too . As you know Arabs reads words without using short vowels , they only use long vowels in their writing and reading. Finally construction of sentences will begin.

Then the child will start to speak nominal sentences first . The sentence with pronouns, prepositions, question forms and attaching pronouns all these . Everything is step by step depends the child understanding and stage by stage outcome. Once the child understand and start making nominal sentences to speak he will go ahead with past tense verbs , present tense verbs, future tense verbs and commanding verbs .

Concept based Language learning brings instant results